Monday, November 28, 2011

Havasu 2011

Our second annual Havasu trip was so much fun this year! We miss our Arizona friends so much and we had such a blast on the lake with them for a weekend. October is the perfect time of year to go to Havasu - it's cooled off to the 90's by then instead of 120 degrees.... much more manageable with babies. This year, it was our family, the Mays, Mulleneauxs, and Derrick too.

Easton & Maddie always love playing together. It's good for Maddie to get some boy time in... she has a sister and lots of girl cousins to play with, but no boys.

This was Macey's first lake trip. Macey is a bit sensitive anyway, so she fussed about the life jacket, the heat, and the unfamiliar surroundings. Despite all the upheaval, she did a lot better than I expected.

Flashback two years ago to Maddie in the same life jacket...

I can't believe how much she looks like Macey!

Macey loved playing on the shore and kicking her little feet in the water... even though she looks like she hates her life in this picture.

Macey went wake surfing with Brandon for the first time and didn't mind it too much. He is such a fun dad and always takes the girls out for a ride. I love these pictures of my water babies.

Maddie has always loved the boat, the water, and wakesurfing with her dad. I don't know what these two were talking about, but I loved this sweet little moment. They have such a special relationship.

The kids were all happy to get off the boat and run some energy off. Maddie practiced writing her name in the sand while we were there.

A lake trip is not complete without Derrick. He is so much fun. He helps out so much with anything that needs to be done and always has a smile on his face.

Here is my little three year old teenager. It scares me when I get little glimpses of her in ten years. All that (boys, make up, teenage drama, driving) can wait!

 Maddie & Mommy

 Macey was much more contect on dry land. She had a lot of fun playing with the very handsome Asher May. They are 9 days apart - so much fun!

I love little baby feet in the sand! Here are Maddie's feet - her and I got new matching Roxy flip flops at The Flip Flop Store while we were in Havasu.

And here are Macey's little chunky baby feet in the sand :) 

We always have such a fun time with our Arizona friends! We sure miss them and our weekly Sunday dinner parties. We got to laugh a lot, play the Newlywed Game (a tradition that guarantees lots of laughs and funny stories), and eat lots of yummy food. We miss you all already and we are so looking forward to next year's Havasu trip!

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The Desatoff Family said...

What a fun trip you guys had! I love Macey's chubby baby feet in the sand, so sweet :) And, OH MY WORD, Maddie is SO beautiful. Seriously. You're right, you are going to be in big trouble with her teenage years! Good thing Brandon can make people think he is scary :) We know the truth...shhh. Love you guys!