Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Maddie's Yellow Chair

Maddie is such a character. I found this chair on clearance for $2 at Walgreens and thought it was the perfect size for Maddie. She loves it! She has movie screenings in it every day. She gets her raisins or grapes and settles in for a movie. While Baby Einstein will always have a special place in Maddie's heart, she also loves "The Jungle Book, "The Lion King" and "The Little Mermaid." She stands up and screams in delight when the blue background comes up with the white castle during the intro to all the Disney movies.
Look at all those teeth!

Here's a fun video of Maddie being a ham. She'll do anything for a banana.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fun trip home!

We went home for a quick visit this weekend.
Maddie got to swim with Grandpa Eatough!After their swim, Maddie and Grandpa had some chips and salsa. Well, actually Maddie only had chips. She let Grandpa eat the salsa. One of my favorite parks at home is Ford Park. There are rolling grassy hills, huge shady trees, and a big duck pond. I've wanted to take Maddie there for a long time. We had a Milloy family picnic there on Sunday night and it was so fun. The weather was beautiful. Maddie had tons of fun running down the hills and trying to climb her way back up. We tried to feed the ducks, but apparantly they are so well fed, they do not feel the need to come out of the water. There are literally loaves of wet, bloated bread floating next to them in the pond. Maybe they will be more hungry next time we go.She's yelling at a dog in this picture.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


UPDATE - She has a new face she does to make us laugh. She was doing it in the bathtub last night after I had already posted these other pictures, but I had to include it. She scrunches up her eyes and sticks her tongue out like she's laughing. We think she's trying to imitate what we look like when we laugh. It just makes us laugh harder every time she does it. She is such a nut.
My friend Emily commented that Maddie is topless in all these pictures - She is right! Maddie likes to live the nudist lifestyle and would be completely naked all the time if we let her. She also makes a gigantic mess when she eats, so in order to keep some of her clothes stain free, we just strip her down for meal time.
Maddie has such a funny sense of humor! She loves to make us laugh.

Here are some pictures of her clopping around in high heels. I love her little toes sticking out of the peeptoe. What a diva.
No one can get Maddie to belly laugh like her Aunt Laura. They were playing hide and seek this weekend and Maddie was almost in stitches she was laughing so hard. I love how she shakes her head back and forth because she's laughing so hard. She is so silly.

And, this picture is for Grandpa Pope and Uncle David. This 1974 Chevy truck has been in the family for over 30 years. Grandpa Pope bought it new, Mom Milloy drove it for awhile, Uncle David took it over, then Brandon drove it to high school. It has been in pieces and under construction for several years in our garage while Brandon and Derrick restored and rebuilt it. The boys were so excited to start it up and back it out of the garage. It was a proud moment.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Visit to the Doctor's Office!

Brandon and I took Maddie to the pediatrician today for her 12 month check up. She had 2 immunizations (Hep A & PCV) and she got her check up.

She is becoming difficult at the doctor's office now that she is older. While the doctor was listening to her heartbeat with the stethoscope, she kept pulling the ear parts out of the doctor's ears and taking the cold metal part off her chest and handing it back to the doctor.

She was pretty brave for the shots. I think she was more offended than anything.

Here are her stats...

Weight 18.7 lbs -10% -
She is going to be in a backwards facing car seat forever! She is such a skinny Minnie!
Length 29.5 inches - 50%
Head 17.75 inches - 50%

The doctor says she is a happy, healthy baby! I always worry they might discover a sneaky ear infection or something else I missed, so I am always happy when Maddie has a clean bill of health. She got all kinds of toys from the toy chest... blue sunglasses, a bracelet, and bubbles.