Tuesday, July 28, 2009

She's walking!

Maddie had been taking about 2-3 steps consistently for the past couple of weeks and I kept meaning to grab my camera and document it. I am too late! At church on Sunday, she decided to become a walker. She just stood up and walked all the way across the room! Now she is hardly crawling at all. It is so strange to see her little body upright and walking! She is so big!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle What-It!

Uncle What-It is Uncle Derrick in Maddie's language. She repeats all the sounds we make, so I guess Derrick sounds more like what-it to her. She crawls over to Derrick's door and bangs on it while yelling, "What-It! What-It!" She loves her uncle so much!

Back to Derrick's birthday... he turned 23 yesterday! Derrick specifically requested a pinata for his birthday. He loves it so much, he's not sure if he wants to fill it with candy and beat it apart.

I forget that every day is full of firsts for Maddie. For example, before yesterday, I don't think she has ever played with or even seen a balloon before. I think Maddie loved Derrick's balloons even more than he did.
She was absolutely enthralled. She laid on her back and watched the balloons for almost an hour.
And she was so thrilled that they were still here when she woke up this morning.
I know what to get Maddie for her birthday in a couple of weeks. :)

Look closely...all 6 of Maddie's teeth have finally cut through. Thank goodness.

We are all enjoying sleeping through the night again. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lake Trip!

It was too hot this weekend to do anything but be in the water. We spent the record heat afternoon at Canyon Lake. Maddie got to try out her new turtle floatie toy. She wasn't too sure why she was in an inflatable turtle in the middle of the lake, but I think she liked it!
Here's a quick video of Brandon wakeboarding...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How do you catch a rabbit?

Hide in a meadow and make carrot noises!
Ha ha! :)
It's the only carrot joke I know!
I haven't posted much of Maddie lately because she is battling with her 2 top teeth and 2 more bottom teeth and she is not in the mood for pictures. We did find one thing that makes her teeth feel better though ... chewing on cold carrots! I'm excited about this discovery. She can get her vegetable intake and soothe her poor gums at the same time. I hate teething - it is so mean to my baby! I hope these 4 teeth cut through soon.