Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun Around the House!

Maddie has become a climber! Usually, she stands next to the dishwasher while I load it and slams the racks in and out. This past weekend, I walked out of the room for a minute and came back to find this!She was so proud of herself.
While I went grocery shopping, Maddie hung out with the boys in the garage. She is so happy when she's only wearing a diaper. She loves being naked!
Shifting gears in the truck.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Laura's Wedding!

She's married! We are so happy for her and we are so lucky to have Bryant in our family!
They are so adorable and happy.
Here are some pictures we took at the temple...
It was blazing hot outside, so when the ice cream truck drove by we all bought some ice cream... even the bride & groom! What a fun picture!Maddie loved the ice cream too!The reception was at a beautiful house in Chandler. Maddie enjoyed the pool while we set up decorations. She had so much fun with her Uncle Bennett.
A quick family picture from the reception.
These pictures are from the rest of the weekend... Maddie loves to snuggle her face and roll around in our bed. She likes to be stacked in with all the pillows and break out of them.And Maddie's favorite... playing with water in her high chair!We had so much fun visiting with family over the weekend. We love you all & we are so glad you all were able to come! We miss you already!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Vacation!

We were on vacation last week and had lots of fun spending time together. We had a "stay-cation" at our house for the first part of the week. It was wonderful to be home in the middle of the week and just hang out. We went to our favorite local lake - Canyon Lake twice in the middle of the week. It was warm & the lake was empty. It was so nice! Maddie is not too sure about being on the boat or wearing her life jacket this season. She has a constant expression of concern/irritation on her face the entire time. In this picture, she's watching her dad wakeboard from the back of the boat.

Maddie got to go wakesurfing!She wasn't totally excited to be out there, but she wasn't completely terrified either. Brandon did a good job keeping her out of the water. When he let go of the rope, he held her high over his head so she didn't have to be in the cold water. What a great daddy! **UPDATE- I forgot the funniest thing about Maddie's wakesurfing adventure! Look in her right hand... she is holding a Cheerio. She would not let it go. She held onto it the whole time she was out there and then ate it when she got back in the boat. She is so silly.**

Here is Maddie & her dad driving the boat. She liked to honk the horn. I love the sunset in the background of this picture. We are so lucky to live so close to Canyon Lake - it is so beautiful!

While I was home, I made strawberry/blueberry jam and homemade bread with my friend Kristy. Everything turned out so yummy - it's always an exciting thing when the bread rises.

Here is Maddie and her Uncle Derrick playing the guitar.

The last part of the week, we met my family at Lake Havasu. It was fun to see everyone, but it was blazing hot and the water was super choppy - not good for wakeboarding. My poor Maddie got sunblock in her eyes and she was so hot. She was much happier at the air conditioned hotel eating Cheerios.

We still had a fun time with everyone and we are glad we went. I think we'll wait until Maddie is a little older before we go back.
Now, that its over 100 degrees, we have been trying to find ways to keep Maddie cool. We put her in her highchair and fill the tray with water. She loves to splash water everywhere. And she loves the sprinklers.

We are excited to see family this weekend for Laura's wedding!