Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Ode to Blankie

Blankie is a dear member of the family. Maddie and her blankie are inseperable. She has loved this blanket since she was 3 months old. She refuses to go to sleep without it. She likes to "wear" blankie... as a shawl wrapped around her neck and shoulders, as a cape, and as a turban around her head.

We are trying to help her seperate a little from blankie, so we have her leave it in the house if we are going to run an errand. She runs and tucks it away behind a couch cushion or under a table and proclaims, "Blankie is alllll safe. You stay right there, Blankie!"
I've noticed Blankie is present in a lot of her pictures....

On road trips- 

At Grandma's House- 

Watching TV with Dada - Love her little hand in this picture :) 

At Target in the freezer section-

We have to wash it 3 or 4 times a week because it gets so filthy being dragged around the house and outside. As it's going through the cycle in the washing machine, she frequently stands in front of the washer and reassures everyone that blankie is in the washer getting "Allllll clean!" In reality, she's really just reassuring herself. She is in charge of moving the blankie from the washer to the dryer. And it is a glorious time when Maddie and Blankie are finally reunited. They hug and snuggle and celebrate!

This blog is our family journal and I want to remember her love affair with Blankie, so thanks for indulging me in this silly post.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Macey - 5 months!

Macey is 5 months and is working hard to catch up to her sister. She loves to watch Maddie play and can't wait until she can run around with her sister.

Macey had her 4 month check up!

Here are her stats...

LENGTH - 25.5 inches (90%)
WEIGHT - 15 lbs, 7.5 oz. (77%)
HEAD - 16.5 inches (86%)

Maddie decided she should eat the "mollipop" for Macey. I love this picture! Look at those rolls and her wild hair. She is such a jolly baby!

Maddie was very upset about Macey getting shots, even though we talked about shots the whole way down to the doctor's office. She does not like it when Macey is sad. Anytime Macey starts crying, Maddie says, "Oh no Mama, Macey's not happy." And then she yells over Macey's crying and says, "Macey Kay-yate" in a sing-songy voice to calm her down. Amazingly, it works!

Anyway, Macey is a happy healthy baby!

Here's what she's been up to:
  • Sleeps 9pm to 6am (most nights)
  • Eats 5 ounces every 3 hours during the day
  • Has had rice and oatmeal cereal, prefers oatmeal
  • Everything goes in her mouth
  • No teeth yet, but she is a drool monster
  • Really, really, really wants to be a thumb sucker
  • Loves her Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Sound Machine
  • Does not like sitting in a dirty diaper and will let you know it!
  • Still will not take a binky :(
She is always smiling, laughing, and talking. Her eyes are a very pretty light blue. We're interested to see if they stay light or if they'll turn dark like Maddie's.

Macey & Adeline are less than 3 months apart, but it looks like a lot more than that! Macey outweighs Adeline by a few pounds :) We were over at Bennett & Gwynne's house for dinner one night and left the 2 babies on the floor to play. We heard Adeline fussing, so we went in to check on them and found Macey's big Pillsbury Doughboy arm laying over Adeline's neck! Poor Adeline was flailing her arms and kicking her legs. Even after I took Macey's arm off Adeline, she put it right back on her. They love looking at each other and making silly baby noises at one another. 

Some more Macey smiles... such a happy girl!

I'm pretty good about taking pictures of the girls, but I have been making a real effort to take more video of the things they do. They change so often and so fast, I almost want to follow them around with a camera & document their entire day.

Macey loves her exersaucer and spends a lot of time playing in it during the day. Our family members lovingly refer to it as her command center. It kind of is like a command center. Macey loves sitting upright in it so she can see all the action. One of Maddie's favorite things to do is make Macey laugh. Here's a fun video of Maddie running around like a lunatic & Macey loving every minute of it. Grandma was sleeping so I had to keep shushing Maddie. I love watching these girls with each other.

This is a video from the first few days after Macey started laughing...

And this is more recent. She has a great belly laugh! Maddie always made us work hard to get a laugh out of her and even then, it was a courtesy laugh. Macey is always ready to give a real laugh.

Macey found her tongue while we were on our way out the door one day. So funny.

In exciting Macey news, she has mastered rolling over from back to tummy! I've seen her roll from tummy to back a couple of times, but most often, she just gets stuck on her tummy and yells until someone comes to roll her back over. Then she flips right back onto her tummy and yells some more.
We love our sweet Macey bug and can't imagine our family without her!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Baby Sister Graduated!

Times like these make me so happy to be living back near family. That and the fact that temperatures have been soaring above 115 degrees at our house in Apache Junction, AZ this week. Definitely don't miss that extreme heat.

My baby sister Kristen graduated!!!

My mom was able to get us graduation tickets at the last minute and we were so happy to go! Here are some pictures while we waited for the ceremony to start-

Grandma Eatough & Macey

Me & Maddie
(classic Brandon look on Maddie's face)

Me & my mom - sunglasses picture!

Maddie playing around in the grass

Here she is! It's official!
Kristen with Mom & Dad

Me & Kristen!

We are so proud of Kristen! She is a hard worker and is super smart - we can't wait to watch her go to college and change the world!