Monday, June 6, 2011

Macey's Blessing Day

We blessed our sweet Macey Bug on May 1st. She looked beautiful in her blessing dress - the same one Maddie wore on her blessing day. Everytime I pull that dress out, I can't believe how amazing it is. Brandon's mom did an amazing job when she sewed it 3 years ago. I love that we have a grandma-crafted, family heirloom dress for each of our daughters to wear on their blessing days. Maybe they'll even have their daughters wear it when my grand daughters are blessed.

Here's my sweet Macey - such a doll baby. She is also wearing the same bracelet Maddie wore on her blessing day. I love traditions :)

We love our huge family. They are so supportive and involved in our lives. Here is a big group picture of everyone who came. We missed you Desatoffs, Hinckleys, Farrs, & everyone else!

Gwynne (who looks amazing for just having given birth 48 hours earlier!!!) came and brought sweet baby Adeline. We were so excited they came so soon after having their baby. Adeline is super sweet and so fresh from heaven. This is the fourth grand daughter in the Milloy family! We've got two more girls coming this year - that's six grandchildren total ... all girls! Hooray for pink!

Our family!

Brandon & Macey 

Me & Macey 

Great Grandma Milloy & Macey on the porch swing. Grandma is so sweet with the babies in our family - we just love her. 

A mingling picture... 

Grandma Eatough & Macey

Thanks to everyone who came to Macey's blessing! She is so lucky to have all of you in her family and she already loves you all!

Easter 2011

Easter was super fun this year! Maddie totally understood the concept of the Easter Bunny and had a blast hunting for eggs and finding treats in her basket. After hunting for weeks for matching dresses for my girls, I finally found two that I loved. And then Maddie was sick on Easter, so we couldn't go to church anyway. So, no Easter picture of our family this year :(

Maddie and all the eggs she dyed...

Here's what the Easter Bunny left for the Milloys this year...

Maddie hunting for eggs...

This year, Brandon & I held the 1st Annual Milloy Ca$h Easter Egg Hunt on our property behind our new house. We hid 60 eggs with candy and cash inside. It was so hard to find the eggs! There are actually still about ten eggs somewhere out there that have not been located yet.

Everyone took off running as soon as the hunt started!

Maddie didn't care about finding money, she was just thrilled to open the eggs and see candy inside. Green M&M's are her absolute favorite candy!

Here's the whole clan with their loot!

Derrick found the golden egg with the $20 bill inside- lucky! Maddie is snatching it out of his hand in this picture.

Hope you all had a beautiful Easter!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Grandma Sandi

I am still way behind in blogging and am just getting through all the March & April photos, so that explains why this post is 2 months late.

On March 14, 2011, my sweet Grandma Sandi passed away. Two months later, as I'm typing this, I can't believe she's really gone. This was no ordinary grandma that we only visited on holidays. She was intricately involved in each of our lives. Grandma Sandi helped raise us when we were babies, played Barbies on the floor with us when we were young girls, went to concerts with us when we were teenagers, and gave great advice as we married and had children of our own. She religiously called us on our birthdays, anniversaries, and weekly to check in and find out what we were up to. She ALWAYS was the first person to leave a comment on my blog posts. I am sad as I type this knowing she isn't going to comment on this blog post.

Her greatest joy was her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She just loved her family. Here is a picture of Grandma Sandi and Maddie when she was 6 weeks old. Maddie was her first girl great grandchild and she just ate up all the girly clothes and bows. 

This was from a visit to Grandma Sandi's home when Maddie was less than a year old. She laughed and laughed as she watched Maddie chase her dogs around while she chanted, "Gog, gog!"

The only positive thing about Grandma passing away was the opportunity it gave all of us to come home for her funeral. It is very rare to have all six children together with all of our spouses and children. Grandma would have loved having all the family together.

We took the opportunity to get all of Grandma's great granchildren together in a picture. Here is everyone except for Annie - I think she was sleeping, maybe?
From left - Jamie, Tyler, Macey, Maddie, Adam, & Noah

And one more with all seven of them in their Sunday best!

Some fun twinner pictures - I love my Robinetta so much and I treasure the time we are able to spend together since we live in different states. 

Maddie loved playing with her cousins. She ran after Adam & Tyler all week. We wish they all lived closer!

Me & my girls on our way out the door to the funeral. I dressed the girls in matching dresses because I knew Grandma would have loved it.

Macey giving Derrick some love.

 All the moms and their babies! What an amazing legacy Grandma Sandi left behind. 

We are all so happy that Grandma is with her family and is no longer in the pain she so bravely endured for so many years. See you soon Gramoo! :)