Saturday, January 8, 2011

Random Pictures

Some random pictures from the past few months...

Maddie LOVES the park. No, Maddie is OBSESSED with the park. She talks about the park, the slides, and the swings non-stop. Here are some pictures of her hanging out at one of her favorite places - Wildwood Canyon Park.

Now that we are back in California, we've had several visits with Maddie's great grandparents Milloy. We always enjoy our visits with them. They are so sweet with Maddie - Grandma always has a bucket of toys and a snack ready for Maddie. Maddie loves their home - she runs up and down the steep driveway, explores Grandpa's orchards, and loves to visit with all the stone animals scattered around their property. She is especially fond of these stone frogs on the deck. She always carries them over to the fountain and takes them for a swim.

Maddie is a total snuggle bunny and loves to cuddle in Mom & Dad's bed any chance she gets. I love this sweet picture. Maddie loves her dada and she has him wrapped around her finger. 

Just a funny picture of Maddie posing. She found this hat and wanted to wear it while she played with her legos. She never tolerates anything on her head, so it's funny she put it on herself. And this little pose is so funny too. What is going through that little head of hers? 

Maddie & I get to take trips to the motorcycle store with Brandon every now and then and Maddie loves to run around and check out the kid sized toys. She calls them "Maddie's motorcycles" and she climbs right up onto them while making motorcycle noises. 

It's time for another belly picture! This was during Christmas weekend, so I was exactly 8 months. I'm not sure how much bigger I can get or how much more stretch I can get out of my maternity clothes, so hurry up & come Baby Girl!

Okay, I think my camera is officially cleaned up now. Just in time to fill it back up with pictures and videos of the new baby!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Maddie's Favorite Songs!

Maddie sings all day and even in her sleep sometimes! She is super animated and funny, until she sees a camera. Then she acts shy and reserved. I really wanted to document her singing because I know she won't do it forever, but these versions pale in comparison to the real singing she does. Oh well, this will have to do for now. If I can capture any better renditions, I will share those here on our blog.

Side Note- Please excuse my terrible singing voice. :)

"The Wheels on the Bus"

"ABC" - The Yelling Version

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tumbling Class with Jasmine!

Maddie's cousin Jasmine goes to a fun tumbling class every Friday in Redlands and Maddie has tagged along a few times. She loved it so much, Brandon bought her a year membership so she can tumble all throughout 2011!

Here are some fun videos of Maddie and Jasmine being silly and getting out lots of energy...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Cousin Visit & The Petting Zoo

I found some videos on our camera that were never posted, so here they are! I borrowed some pictures off Katie's blog too - thanks Katie! :)

Katie came to visit from Texas with Tyler and her sweet baby Jamie. Maddie thought her cousin Tyler was just the coolest ever. Especially when he jumped off Grandma Eatough's fireplace over and over again. I have no idea where Maddie's shirt went.

We took Maddie to the Pumpkin Patch at Halloween with both sides of our family including Katie and her cute kids. We found the petting zoo and Maddie loved running around with all the animals.

A giant sheep sneaks up on Maddie...

Maddie being silly with the goats...

Some of these animals were a little friendly...

A goat came up and snatched little baby Jamie's sock right off her foot while we were there!

Brandon decided he would wrangle the goat and try to steal the sock back. Ha. That goat had other plans...

The Eatough side...

Stay tuned for more delayed pictures and videos that I am cleaning off my camera!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Milloy Christmas 2010

*I have FINALLY cleaned all the pictures off my camera! There will be a new post every day for the next several days to re-cap our lives the past few months. Check back every morning to see what we've been up to!*

The Milloy 2010 Christmas was super busy, but tons of fun this year. We got to visit with lots of family, eat lots of yummy food, and spend time with each other.

Maddie was two and a half years old this Christmas, so she understood more than last year. She was lots of fun and enjoyed lots of the different parts of Christmas.

Such as, her dad reading "Twas The Night Before Christmas" to her...

And Grandpa Milloy playing Christmas carols on his guitar for the girls...
Christmas Eve was spent with the Pope side of the family with a delicious breakfast for dinner. We ate pancakes, hash brown/scrambled egg casserole yumminess, sausage, bacon, and all kinds of other yummy breakfast foods.
 Maddie LOVED the train that circled the Ridge's christmas tree. It was torture for her to look only with her eyes and not with her hands. When the temptation became too great and she derailed the train, her dad fixed it.

 She could have laid there all night and watched the train loop around the tree.

This was Maddie on Christmas morning at 8:30am. We finally had to wake her up so we could head up to Grandma & Grandpa Eatough's house and start the day's festivities. Of course, the one day she decides to sleep in is Christmas morning.

When she did wake up and stumble out of her room, she found a shiny new bicycle under the Christmas tree!

Safety first!

We opened gifts at Grandma & Grandpa Eatough's house first. Maddie got a bathtime Ariel doll from Santa and lots of other fun gifts like floor puzzles and cupcake pajamas. She also enjoyed helping Annie play with her new toys. Maddie has this talking purse, so she wanted to make sure Annie knew how to use it properly.
It's been super cold and rainy in Southern California this winter. Here are some fun pictures of us all bundled up. We are having to re-aclimate ourselves to the colder weather after several Arizona "winters".
I love that smile.
We hope you all had a great Christmas too!