Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Photo Shoot!

I had a quick photo session done with the girls earlier this month because Macey is changing so much and Maddie is growing up too! Before we got to the studio, I bribed Maddie with a big cupcake from Martha Green's Bakery on State Street if she would smile for the pictures. I should not have done that. She tried so hard to smile. It turned into a squinty-eyed grimace instead of her beauitiful big, brown eyes and pretty smile. What you can't see in the photo is what we call "Maddie's happy hands." Since she was 6 months old, whenever she is super excited about something, she extends her arms, balls up her fists and then stretches her fingers straight out and then back into fists again. Her aunt Laura says she'll do this on her wedding day. I hope so :) - that's when you know Maddie is really happy about something.
Macey did not think anything was even remotely funny at the photo shoot. She is normally a pretty happy girl with big, gummy smiles showing off her 2 little bottom teeth .... but not this day.

This was the end of the photo shoot. By this point, I told Maddie to stop smiling. That's why her face looks the way it does. Macey had started to clap a little, but still was very skeptical of the whole situation. Not the best photo of my two girls, but I still love it.

In conclusion, I do not think my girls do well with ten minute mini-photo shoots. They have never smiled on command and in order to evoke the real smiles and laughs that I see every day, we need more than ten minutes. So, we'll be doing a longer family photo shoot in the next few weeks that will hopefully capture those big, gummy smiles and happy laughs I love so much.

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Schad fam said...

Your girls are beautiful! Big simles or not! I love the pictures anyway! Miss you guys!